The Tango Festival in Seinäjoki

Beautiful summer nights and Finnish tango –  a perfect match!

The Tangomarkkinat Festival takes place every year in Seinäjoki since 1985.
Over 100,000 people come to see and feel the atmosphere of Tangofestival from all regions in Finland and all over the world to attend the Festival.  Another 1.5 million fans follow it on TV and radio. This is a huge number of people, considering that the population of Finland is around 5.5 million people.

Tangomarkkinat has become one of the biggest events in the Finnish festival calendar. During its over 30-year history, Tangomarkkinat has had a great influence on the Finnish popular music scene:

The Tango song contest organized in conjunction with the festival has created countless new stars.
The Tango songwriting contest produces a number of new tango compositions each year, some of which become standards.

During the festival week the Champion of Finnish Dance Orchestras is chosen in a three day finales and there is a yearly contest in dancing, the Championship of Finland in Tango Dancing.

It is because of Tangomarkkinat that the traditional Finnish tango culture has gained the interest and success it deserves. Not only the public but also the researchers have found the tango; in fact tango has been scientifically analyzed from several different points of view. In this sense the Tangofestival has raised the quality and respect of the popular culture.

Tangomarkkinat has been noticed abroad as well. People from almost all over the European countries and all over the world have come to Seinäjoki to be amazed and astonished by the passion that the Finns have for the tango.

viacheslav-vinokurov_lauantai_katulava_jukka-hallikainen-ja-marko-maunuksela-15Tangokatu (tango street)

It is truly an experience to be at the Tangokatu (tango street) and feel the excitement of people. Seinajoki’s main street has been renamed especially for the tango festival, which is the highlight of the Finnish tango calendar.

People dance the tango on the tree-lined street beneath a brilliant cobalt blue sky. They are dancing from early afternoon until the early morning hours. Couples have the chance to be reunited, beginners to learn and practice the basic steps and friends to have a lot of fun. It is hard even to get tired because there is daylight almost all night long and high-quality entertainment program guaranteed.


Next to openair dancing on Tangokatu you’ll find a Pavilion, a tent of more than 1600m2, built especially for the festival, that guarantees you get to dance to the fullness of your heart – best orchestras and singers entertain audience for 15 hours a day with true dance music.

viacheslav-vinokurov_perjantai_kruunu_kyosti-makimattila-juha-maunu-ja-samuli-jokinen-12Club Kruunu

The third zone of entertainment, Club Kruunu, specializes in semi acoustic and intimate concerts where audience is always a part of the show.

top-focus_lauantai_tanssitalo-3Tanssitalo (House of Dance)

Tanssitalo (House of Dance – Urheilutalo) hosts variety of dance lessons during the five days of festival. The best teachers of the country will guide you to the joy, movement, energy and happiness of dancing in four levels of difficulty. You can enter the dance lessons alone, with a partner or group of friends – everyone will get to dance and learn, it’s a promise!
In the evenings Tanssitalo transforms to the house of dance with its 700m2 dancefloor and most wanted entertainers of the dance-enthusiastics.

top-focus_perjantai_tango-finlandia-juhlakonsertti-5Kisa-Areena (Seinäjoki Areena)

Kisa-Areena (Seinäjoki Areena) is the home of our gala-concerts culminating in the crowning of the Tango King and the Tango Queen.
The competition is the best known and longest running singing competition in popular music in Finland. The winners receive much domestic media attention, often recording contracts and most importantly a full national tour for a next year with concerts and dance events as well as the chance to have their own shows at the Tango Festival in the following years.

Traditionally, on Friday, Finland´s best tango singers will perform with a symphony orchestra at Kisa-Areena. Programme and artists for this concert are chosen based on a theme of festival. And the theme – it carries the basic heartbeat of the festival, alternating every year. In 2019 we celebrate the 35th anniversary of Tangomarkkinat.


Programme & Performers

Sorry, no much sense to print it in here as well since the timetable and the names will be the same in every language.
These links will take you to site of the daily timetable. These most important words might help you to navigate:
Keskiviikko – Wednesday
Torstai – Thursday
Perjantai – Friday
Lauantai – Saturday
Sunnuntai – Sunday

And the places:
Tangokatu – Tango street
Tanssitalo – House of Dance
Kisa-Areena – Seinäjoki Areena
Tangotori – Marketplace

You just might run in to a word “klubikortilla” (Tango loyalty card) now and then. We have a special club for tango-enthusiastics. There are events that are just for the members, lunch with Royals of Tango, meeting with a jury of a singing contests and so on. Klubikortilla means just that – only members can join the event.

Seinäjoki: Se on tangot ja Aalto-keskus is a tour in Aalto Center that is the administrative and cultural center of Seinäjoki. All six buildings are desingned by world famous arcitect Alvar Aalto. The tour in the timetable is in Finnish but it is available in other languages as well. Please contact South Ostrobothnia Tourist Service and they’ll arrange it to your satisfaction.


For more information on accommodation and transportation, please contact:

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