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At Midsummer 1984 a new nobler historic episode went into the sauna. Two brave men had had enough of tango's lowly position. More steam, more beers, heads together and a firm decision by the piping hot stove: Seinäjoki's Tango Festival was born. Occurring annually for over 29 years and with more than 2 million visitors, now tango is saved.


Not only has the national media experienced Seinäjoki's tango magic, others include CBS, the BBC, ZDF, Lonely Planet and dozen of other international media organisations. When Finland joined the European Union pessimists were afraid that that national identity and culture would be lost to the EU's massive mill, but come what may Finnish rock music conquers the world and tango's second metropolis is found in Finland, or more accurately said in Seinäjoki.


The secret of the wonderful atmosphere of the Tango Festival in Seinäjoki lies in superb performances and the tango-dancing public dressed up in their summer fineries, because tango is dance therapy for the soul.


Let's meet again, and celebrate Seinäjoki Tango Festival's 30th event on July 9th - 13th!



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